About Us

Just get some qualifications. Just get a student loan. Just get a job. Just get married. Just buy a house. Just go into debt. Just have kids. Just work hard. Just do what you are told. Just follow the crowd.”

Great advice. Not. Don’t just…anything. Question everything.

Why? Because if you follow someone’s advice you’ll end up in the same shitty place as them. You cannot trust what those in authority, from teachers to politicians, bosses to corporations, are telling you. Because you can’t understand what’s going on by looking at the world in a rear-view mirror. Because the day you let someone else control your thinking is the day you stop being you.

HfS believes there’s a con in CONformity.

Join a growing community of thinkers who’ve uninstalled all the standard programming provided by society’s operating system (beliefs365, attitudes365, values365). That has removed all cookies and resisted every attempt to plug them into the matrix.

We’re a subversive streetwear brand invisible to all but your fellow renegades, mavericks and defectors. Wear it because you are unique. Wear it because you want to start living life on your terms. Wear it because you’re more powerful with a tribe. Wear it because you can change the world – from the street up.